About Us

Peritys is a dynamic and innovative software development firm with a global presence, offering comprehensive services in software planning, development, user experience, product design, marketing, sales, and customer support. Inspired by the word "peritus," meaning a theological adviser or consultant to a council of the Roman Catholic Church, Peritys aims to bring a wealth of expertise and guidance to its clients' technological endeavors.

The formation of Peritys stemmed from a strong desire to be at the forefront of technology and to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. The company thrives on ambitious and exciting projects that challenge its skills, allowing it to further develop its expertise over time. By staying ahead of the curve, Peritys ensures that its clients can enhance their capabilities and achieve outstanding performance in their respective industries.

Peritys recognizes the importance of continually seeking optimum solutions for complex business needs. To achieve this, the company remains committed to finding, testing, and utilizing the latest and most efficient technological innovations. This dedication enables Peritys to provide its clients with cutting-edge solutions that deliver tangible results. The unique experience and diverse skill set of the Peritys team make them an invaluable asset to any organization seeking technology solutions. With expertise in software planning, development, user experience, product design, marketing, sales, and customer support, the team has a comprehensive understanding of the entire project lifecycle. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, Peritys has the experience and knowledge to guide its clients and ensure successful outcomes.

At Peritys, client success is paramount. The company takes pride in its ability to provide tailored guidance based on past experiences in similar industries or with comparable project ideas. By leveraging their extensive expertise, the Peritys team can offer valuable insights into what has worked or not worked for other clients, allowing new projects to benefit from proven strategies and avoid common pitfalls. To demonstrate their commitment and suitability as a technology partner, Peritys offers a complimentary consultation to potential clients. This consultation serves as an opportunity for Peritys to showcase their capabilities, understand the client's needs, and determine if they are a good fit for the project at hand.

Choosing the right technology partner is a critical decision that can make or break a business. Peritys understands this and invites clients to witness firsthand the value they can bring through their expertise, innovation, and dedication.

Our 6-D Process



In the initial phase, we immerse ourselves in your goals and challenges. We gather insights, assess existing systems, and identify opportunities to create a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.


With a clear understanding of your objectives, we define the project scope, goals, and requirements. This step ensures a solid foundation for the development process and allows us to set precise expectations for all stakeholders.


Our talented design team crafts intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. We prioritize user experience, ensuring that the design not only looks great but also functions seamlessly, setting the stage for an exceptional end product.


Our development team brings your concept to life with cutting-edge technology and best practices. We follow agile methodologies to deliver a scalable, robust, and high-performance software solution.


Once development is complete, we meticulously test the solution, ironing out any imperfections. We ensure a smooth and secure deployment, minimizing disruptions and maximizing user satisfaction.


Your project is ready to shine in the real world. We provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to keep your software performing at its best, ensuring long-term success and a seamless user experience.

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